"As the New Year celebrations of 2013 rolled in, I had no idea I was about to experience a midlife crisis. I was given notice that my career as an Early Childhood Director was coming to a halt because the school program I had been with for 5 years was closing. Blindsided by the news that my contract was ending on January 30th, I began to spiral into a freight train of failure. Alongside that, my mother’s throat cancer had returned and she was not recovering well from surgery."

Curious about what happens next?

Then grab the rest of this exciting chapter from the best selling book Living All Out. Living a Bold and Purpose Driven Life gives you a sneak peak into the life of Founder & CEO of Verve Educational Consulting. It delves into where her pivot began and how she became a Million Dollar Startup. This inspiring tale speaks to women from all walks of life and serves as inspiration for those of you looking to make your mark on this world.

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